The Zodiac in Teen Idle by Marina and the Diamonds


Aries: Adolescence didn’t make sense. A little loss of innocence.

Taurus: I wanna drink until I ache. I wanna make a big mistake

Gemini: I wanna be a virgin pure, a 21st century whore.

Cancer: I wanna stay inside all day. I want the world to go away.

Leo: Wish I’d been a prom queen fighting for the title

Virgo: I want back my virginity so I can feel infinity.

Libra: I wish I wasn’t such a narcissist. I wish I didn’t really kiss the mirror when I’m on my own.

Scorpio: I want blood, guts and chocolate cake.

Sagittarius: The wasted years, the wasted youth. The pretty lies, the ugly truth.

Capricorn: The ugly years of being a fool. Ain’t youth meant to be beautiful?

Aquarius: Instead of being sixteen and burning up a bible, feeling super, super suicidal

Pisces: And the day has come when I have died, only to find I’ve come alive.

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